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This is where it all began for Blast Technology Inc. in 1991. 

Begun strictly as a shot blasting company to enable coating companies and tile layers to help ease the floor preparation process and add to the adhesion of the flooring systems. Blast Technology Inc. grew quickly after starting with just 1 Blastrac 10-D shotblaster to a fleet of various size shotblasters including a Blastrac 30-D & 2 Blastrac 16-65 riding shotblasters. After 28 years Blast Technology Inc. has evolved to more then just a shot blasting company but still possesses a large fleet of both electric and gasoline powered shot blasting equipment.

Blastrac 10-D
Blastrac 16-65 Rider
Shotblaster Blastrac 16-65
Shot blasting 10-d
10-d shotblaster
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