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Concrete Preparation Equipment, Parts & Wearables


Having the right equipment to tackle projects is the key to completing jobs on time and under budget. Blast Technology Inc. has over two decades of experience with concrete preparation and demo equipment. This means we have learned and use the best equipment in the world for our projects which inturn means we supply only the best equipment in our rental and sales fleets. Blast Technology Inc. also carries a large stock of parts, wearables and diamonds for all floor preparation & demo equipment.


Shot Blasting 5.jpg
Shot Blasting 3.jpg
Shot Blasting 2.JPG
Shot Blasting 1.JPG
Shot Blasting 4.jpg
Scarifying 6.jpg
Scarifying 5.jpg
Scarifying 4.jpg
Scarifying 1.jpg
Hand Grinding.jpg
Concrete Grinding 13.jpg
Concrete Grinding 12.jpg
Concrete Grinding 11.jpg
Concrete Grinding 10.jpg
Concrete Grinding 9.jpg
Concrete Grinding 8.jpg
Concrete Grinding 5.jpg
Concrete Grinding 4.jpg
Concrete Grinding 3.jpg
Concrete Grinding 2.jpg
Concrete Grinding 1.jpg
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